The Bomm's found on this page are designed to connect directly to your Smart Phone, they do not connect to your GPS. If you want to use your GPS as the controller click here. These Bomm's will allow you to listen to your Music or Pandora, navigate with turn by turn voice prompts using your Navigation app, make & take phone calls, send  text and search the web all via hands free voice control if your phone has software like "Hey Siri" on the IPhone & "OK Google" on Android. If you can voice control your phone now you will be able to do the same thing using your helmet intercom system.  Use voice to open App's, send text, emails, make and take phone calls, navigate the web, play songs by title, artist or playlist, shuffle, skip songs any thing that you can do with your phone using your voice you can do on the bike with the Smart Phone Interface.  Your must have voice control capabilities to use this option.

The Smart Phone Interface is simple to install just one wire to splice into on connector 28 on the back of the radio. Run the 3.5mm jack to the Auxiliary Input on the radio and the 3.5mm 4-way jack to the phone.  There are plenty of mounts available to choose from. I do not recommend any particular one it is up to you. I do suggest that you put the phone in a water proof case. You may have to enlarge the hole in the case to allow for the headphone jack depending on the case you use.

The Smart Phone Interface was designed and tested using an IPhone 3, 4, 4S, 5, 6 & 6+, Motorola Droid and most Galaxy models. Most any smart phone will work. You do need to have the Factory Harley Radio such as the Harmon Kardon (found on all 2006 - 2013) or the Sound Design (found on the 1999 - 2005 model year bikes). 

The radio must be in the Aux mode in order to hear the phone. The Smart Phone Interface will not interrupt any other radio function nor will it interfere with any radio or CB function. All of the radio and CB functions remain unaltered.

The Smart Phone Interface will not charge your phone.

Now enjoy your favorite music while using your navigation app and be able to receive and make phone calls using your helmet headset without the need to spend $500.00 + on other devices.

You can download the Installation Instructions by clicking on the Blue links below. Installation instructions are shipped with the unit.

NOTES: If you have your phone in a water tight case such as an Otter Box you may have to enlarge the hole to accomidate the 3.5mm headphone jack. All Smart Phone Interfaces come with Right Angle connectors. Straight connectors are available by special order at no additional cost. If you want Straight connectors you must tell me by noting it in the "Instuctions to Merchant" box on the PayPal Order Form.

Some Android OS smart phones may require a CTIA to OMPT adapter cable to operate.​ Because of the multitude of Google phones available I can not provide a current list of which ones. These cables are inexpensive and can be purchased online for around $10.00. All Apple phones will not require this adapter.
 Smart Phone to Harley Davidson Interface 
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We No Longer Ship Overseas